False Friends of Fatima

False Friends of Fatima


False Friends of Fatima is indispensable reading. Christopher Ferrara proves that enemies of Our Lady have been occupying key positions in the Catholic Church for decades. These aptly named “false friends” of Fatima express devotion to the Mother of Our Lord even as they attempt to bury the most important parts of Her Message: the Consecration of Russia and the Third Secret.

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In addition to exposing these wolves in sheep’s clothing, Mr. Ferrara explains to us how and why these false friends have come about, and within the greater context of a modern Church in turmoil. Moreover, he tells us what their motivations have been (and still are) for subverting the Message of Fatima, a message which is all the more relevant today as the nations of the earth face economic catastrophe and the expansion of war in the Middle East.

Mr. Ferrara’s book is not only a timely exposé on the current state of the Catholic Church, but the information it contains is also a spiritual protection against the very Churchmen who would have you believe in the lies which they themselves are propagating about Our Lady of Fatima. I cannot recommend this book enough. Richard Lehrberger – Buffalo, NY